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In the right hands, drones offer an unprecedented ability to gather real-time data from difficult locations. They can inspect facilities that are otherwise impossible to reach. 

In the wrong hands, drones can be your worst nightmare. As soon as new technology emerges, it seems there are bad actors finding ways to utilize it for their own underhanded and often criminal purposes.

Effective drone detection services can identify drones in real-time as they break regulations so you can take appropriate action. Here are just a few criminal drone news stories that may have been prevented with the latest drone detection equipment

Smuggling Contraband

Individuals and organized gangs have been caught using drones to transport drugs and weapons into prisons over international borders. 

Flights in Restricted Space

The Federal Aviation Administration has the authority to limit or prohibit flights over sensitive areas in the US, such as military installations and high-risk areas on a temporary or permanent basis, with similar agency regulations in other countries. While these areas are carefully marked on aeronautical charts, the printed designations mean nothing to those who fly an illicit drone into such territory. 

Surveillance and Voyeurism

Surveillance by a drone can be a powerful, low-risk approach for law enforcement and military uses. Unfortunately, the qualities that make drones such an effective tool on the right side of the law are the same ones that make them a valuable component of many criminal acts.

Weaponized Drones

While various iterations of unmanned drones have been part of many military arsenals for decades, the rise of consumer-grade drones available to the general public has brought the opportunity for individuals to use them as weapons.

Unsafe Drone Flights

Because it is easy for anyone to purchase and fly a drone and very difficult to enforce drone flying regulations, collisions and near-misses are frequent occurrences. 

One of the best ways to reduce the likelihood of crimes or dangerous acts with drones is to prevent them from happening in the first place by detecting them before they can cause harm. At Aerial Armor, our goal is to provide robust, effective drone detection to enhance your existing safety and security measures. 

We provide layered solutions combining the DJI AeroScope with superior drone detection radar, thermal cameras and the best drone detection software.

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