Drones for Personal Home Security

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The use of drones to invade your privacy and safety has become increasingly widespread.


The rise in commercially available drones has led to a spike in the popularity of drone detection, the services we offer to protect your organization. Drones can threaten your business and property security, which forms the basis of our services at Aerial Armor.


However, there is a flip side to that – you can use drones to protect your property or smallholding from external threats. The drone shouldn’t be viewed purely as a threat, and in many instances, one can be a huge tool in securing your home.

Autonomous Drones for Home Security

Autonomous drones are currently very popular, and they can be programmed to patrol a house and send back pictures to you, even if you’re not there. As part of a smart home solution, a drone with a camera can act as a mobile eye in the sky and make regular patrols of your property. Some can even be triggered by a sensor, so any movement on a boundary or key entrance point to your property prompts the drone to lift off and do a scout of the area, sending live pictures to your mobile device.


Sunflower Labs Home Awareness System is right at the cutting edge of drone security when the threat is not from above but from people entering your property without permission. The cost isn’t small, a typical setup could cost you around $9,950, but it is useful for those with larger properties or expensive homes to protect. The advantage over a fixed CCTV system is the smart element of the drone, as it can learn your property over time and tailor its patrols without significant user input.


Normal Drones for Home Security

Not all of us can afford almost $10,000 on a home security system, but even a so-called bog-standard drone can be used to protect your property. Equipped with a camera, a drone is your bird’s eye view of your property, and if you were to hear a noise on your boundary or wish to do a patrol of a smallholding, even a standard drone could be used to do so. Unlike the bespoke Sunflower system, there is a wide range of drones and accessories you can buy for affordable prices, which give you the comfort of knowing you can quickly survey your property from the comfort of your porch or home. Indeed, for $700, you can even equip your drone with the Swellpro GC2-S Waterproof Night Vision Camera, which would allow you to prowl your property at night, too.


Drone technology can even be used to protect the inside of your home. The Always Home Cam is a drone that docks in your house and can be programmed to do a tour of the rooms. It is the latest smart home security solution and is at the forefront of drone home security. It’s affordable too, coming in at around $300, and like the others, can beam live pictures directly to your table or smartphone.


The drone industry offers security and threats in equal measure, and while you must be aware of the dangers posed by such technology, it is also important to acknowledge how it can be used to keep you and your home safe.

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