The best UAV monitoring & drone detection equipment

Aerial Armor utilizes the best drone detection equipment in the industry to ensure your airspace stays protected from unwanted drone intrusions.

aerial armor aeron ranger drone detection camera

DJI Drone Detection Equipment

Monitor & Detect Drones of Any Size

While the popularity of consumer drones continues to increase, aeroscope drone detection has posed potential safety and security challenges for areas such as airports, prisons, nuclear power plants, and various government facilities and infrastructure.

Traditional protections in these locations may not be able to adequately detect and monitor UAVs to prevent consequential incidents. The DJI AeroScope is able to identify the vast majority of popular drones on the market today by monitoring and analyzing their electronic signals to gain critical information, allowing users to protect the integrity of their flight-sensitive environment.

The Mobile Kit

The AeroScope Mobile Unit detects UAVs and drones flying within a particular surveillance area. The mobile AeroScope Unit can detect drones up to 3 miles from the unit.

At just under 20 lbs, this unit is perfect for tracking down drones and their pilots who have violated your airspace but flown outside the range of your stationary antennas. This piece of kit is essential anti drone equipment.

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Stationary AeroScope Units

dji aeroscope g-8 drone detection radar

The G-8

The AeroScope G-8 is a directional antenna that provides 8 dBi gain and 90 degrees of signal coverage.

Any installation requires four G-8 antennas to cover the full 360 degrees.

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The G-16

The AeroScope G-16 directional antenna provides 16 dBi gain and 22.5-degree coverage.

In order to achieve 360 degrees of coverage 4 sets (of 4 antenna each) of G-16 antennas are required.

This is the most advanced DJI anti drone equipment that is available, producing the largest range of UAV detection.

dji aeroscope g-16 drone detection antenna

Aerial Armor Lens - Drone Monitoring Camera

aerial armor aeron ranger drone detection camera

Aeron Ranger by Silent Sentinel

The Aeron Ranger is an accurate, rugged, continuous rotation dual sensor PTZ drone detection camera utilising an uncooled LWIR thermal sensor with a range of zoom lenses up to 150mm and a HD visible sensor.

These camera sensors are housed within the Aeron's rugged enclosure, which also provides fast and accurate camera positioning. Tested to an IP67 level of environmental protection and hard anodized, the Aeron can be used in the most harsh and challenging applications such as maritime, border security and vehicle mounted installations.

Another Detection Tool In Your Arsenal

From the live detections page, if a drone is within range of a camera, you can click on the button to view the camera feed.

Our drone detection software will skew the camera to the general direction of the drone and then turn on auto tracking using video analytics. Spot the drone in the sky before it sees you.

This thermal camera is an essential piece of anti drone equipment to complement effective drone monitoring of your airspace.

silent sentinel drone detection interface

Drone Detection Equipment - Radar

OWL Drone Radar

Aerial Armor is a proud partner of OWL - Observation Without Limits. This enables us to provide you and your organization with layered solutions that can monitor drones in more ways than one.

OWL's GroundAware drone detection radar systems are second to none and integrate seamlessly with our drone detection software.

The optimal anti drone defense system will likely include radar, RF sensors, cameras and a counter-drone solution. Learn more about drone radar systems below.

Drone detection radar
owl ga3360 drone detection radar unit

Integrated drone monitoring equipment to protect your airspace

Our proprietary software utilizes AI and the latest drone detection equipmenet to help you and your security team protect your facilities from unwanted drones.

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Have A Drone Detection Equipment Question?

What is the general range of DJI AeroScope drone detection equipment?

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The DJI AeroScope can reliably detect drones up to 10-miles. With optimal environmental conditions, the viewing area can increase to 20-30 miles in range.

Under exceptional conditions, our technology has been able to detect drones up to 100 miles away, but that range is far from the norm. Read more here >>

Who can buy the DJI AeroScope?

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As an authorized dealer, Aerial Armor can answer any question you might have about purchasing the DJI Aeroscope and determine the risk levels of your airspace. Contact us today!

How high can drones be detected by radar?

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In the US, drones are limited by FAA regulations to stay within 400 feet of the ground (or a structure that they have been launched from).

Our drone detection systems, however, regularly detect drones flying above these legal limits.