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Aerial Armor is an authorized dealer of the DJI AeroScope.

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dji mobile aeroscope unit

DJI AeroScope Drone Detection Equipment

dji aeroscope g-16 antenna

The DJI AeroScope

With a massive rise in the popularity of drones, the skies have become an increasingly dangerous place. Drone-related incidents are at an all-time high and many security officials are scrambling to figure out ways to protect their organizations and jurisdictions. 

Many radar systems found at airports and other enterprise facilities are not able to accurately detect drones due to their smaller size. That’s why we are an authorized dealer of the DJI AeroScope series of drone detection equipment. 

DJI's AeroScope is able to quickly identify the vast majority of popular drones on the market today by monitoring and analyzing their electronic signals to gain critical information, enabling you to detect and mitigate threats within your airspace.

The most popular AeroScope models include the G-8, G-16, and the mobile variant.

DJI's AeroScope Mobile Kit

Detect Drones on the Go

AeroScope's Mobile Unit is perfect for rapid deployment. This unit detects UAVs and drones flying within a particular surveillance area around 3 miles from the unit. At just under 20 lbs, it is perfect for tracking down drones and their pilots who have violated your airspace but flown outside the range of your stationary antennas. 

Using DJI’s built-in CrystalSky, you can use it to quickly identify any drone flights within the area. This system provides real-time GPS coordinates of drones flying within range, the users homepoint location, and, most importantly, the operator’s location.

No internet is required for the DJI portable AeroScope unit and it has a battery life of around 4 hours.

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3 mile detection range
~3 Mile range
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No internet required

AeroScope Mobile Specifications

Spec Value
Model Model Number AS-P1800
EM CompatibilityElectromagnetic Compatibility EM CompatibilityComplies with 47 CFR Part 15
Operating Temp Range Operating Temperature Range Operating Temp Range -4°F to 104°F
Supported UAVs Supported UAVs Supported UAVs Phantom, Inspire, Mavic, Spark
Battery Run Time Battery Run Time Battery Run Time ~4 Hours
dji mobile aeroscope unit
Provides GPS coordinates of the drone, takeoff point and pilot location.
Records all data including drone serial number for forensic analysis, drone registration information available with a subpoena or warrant.
Coverage range 2-5 miles (depending on environmental factors).

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Our proprietary drone detection software integrates seamlessly with the DJI AeroScope to bring you a layered solution.

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Stationary AeroScope Sensors

The following units are DJI’s top-of-the-line drone detecting systems. Aerial Armor's exact recommendations will depend on the needs of your organization. Typically, a layered solution is suggested to detect drone makes and models of all types.

dji aeroscope g-8 drone detection radar

AeroScope G-8 Antenna

The DJI AeroScope G-8 is a directional antenna that provides 8 dBi gain and 90 degrees of signal coverage. Any installation requires four G-8 antennas to cover the full 360 degrees.

The G-8 is one of the most popular DJI units we install for clients and can detect drones between 12-20 miles away.

This drone detection antenna operates at 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz and is the ideal unit to detect drones for most infrastructure.

AeroScope G-8 Specifications

Spec 2.4 GHz 5.8 GHZ
Frequency Frequency MHz 2400-2500 MHz MHz 5700-5850 MHz
GainGain dBi9 dBi dBi10 dBi
Beamwidth Beamwidth Beamwidth 50 Beamwidth 28
Impedance Impedance Impedance 50 Impedance 50
Pole Diameter Pole Diameter for Installation Pole Diameter 120 mm Pole Diameter 120 mm
dji aeroscope g-8 detection antenna
Provides GPS coordinates of the drone, takeoff point and pilot location.
Early warning capabilities available by setting up alert zones.
Collects/records all data including drone serial number for forensic analysis. Drone registration information available with a subpoena or warrant.
Drone operators consent to the collection of information via DJI Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.
Coverage range, on average, is 12-20 miles (depending on environmental factors).
dji aeroscope g-16 drone detection antenna

AeroScope G-16

The AeroScope G-16 directional antenna provides 16 dBi gain and 22.5-degree coverage.

Due to the narrow beamwidth of the AeroScope G-16 antenna, a set of G-16 antennas only has 90-degree coverage.

In order to achieve 360 degrees of coverage, four AeroScope stationary units and four sets of G-16 antennas are required. 

This is the most advanced DJI drone detection RF system that is available, producing the largest range of UAV detection. This unit will secure any enterprise facility.

AeroScope G-16 Specifications

Spec 2.4 GHz 5.8 GHZ
Frequency Frequency MHz 2400-2500 MHz MHz 5700-5850 MHz
GainGain dBi15.5 dBi dBi14 dBi
Beamwidth Beamwidth Beamwidth 30 Beamwidth 28
Impedance Impedance Impedance 50 Impedance 50
Pole Diameter Pole Diameter for Installation Pole Diameter 120 mm Pole Diameter 120 mm
dji aeroscope g-16 antenna
The G-16 AeroScope antenna can reliably detect drones between 20-30 miles.

Under exceptional environmental conditions, we've seen detections up to 100 miles.

AeroScope Stationary Unit

DJI aeroscope stationary unit

Stationary Unit

The AeroScope Stationary unit is designed for continuous detection within large airspaces. Under ideal weather conditions and favorable terrains, the AeroScope can detect drones up to 30 miles away.

However, in exceptional conditions, we have seen detections of up to 100 miles away. The detection range is largely determined by the type of antennas installed.

This unit comes with built-in surge protection modules but does not include a lightning induction system and should be installed within the protected region of another lightning induction system.

Don’t need permanent site installation of the AeroScope? Aerial Armor has you covered with our temporary drone detection services

We are the nation’s largest provider of drone detection as a service. We will bring the necessary equipment and personnel to secure your event from unwanted drones. Contact us today!

A Nationwide Database

What distinguishes Aerial Armor from the rest of the pack is our proprietary drone detection software that stores all flight information of drones detected within your airspace.

With our integral software, your team will receive text notifications within seconds of detection. Data management is made easy with our softwares ability to store and easily recall flight information from any time period.

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Aerial Armor on YouTube

Our drone detection services in action

Watch how Aerial Armor secures the skies and over 500 hot air balloons each year at The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta using the DJI AeroScope.

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Have A DJI AeroScope Question?

What is the general range of DJI AeroScope drone detection equipment?

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The DJI AeroScope can reliably detect drones up to 10-miles. With optimal environmental conditions, the viewing area can increase to 20-30 miles in range.

Under exceptional conditions, our technology has been able to detect drones up to 100 miles away, but that range is far from the norm. Read more here >>

Who can buy the DJI AeroScope?

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Only security professionals, government agents, and law enforcement agencies are legally allowed to purchase the DJI AeroScope. 

As an authorized dealer, Aerial Armor can answer any question you might have and determine the risk levels of your airspace. Contact us today!

Can you track a drone operator?

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Yes. The DJI AeroScope is capable of identifying the drones location, it's takeoff location (or Homepoint), and the location of the operator.