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Protect Your Facilities From Unauthorized Drones

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Keep unwanted drones out of your prison

Prisons around the country are reporting more and more unwanted drone intrusions. People are using drones to deliver contraband to inmates.

Weapons, drugs and many other items have been spotted being carried by UAVs. Keep your prison secure and mitigate drone intrusions with Aerial Armors drone monitoring solutions.

Secure high-risk government sites

Worried your airspace security might be compromised by someone with a small drone or UAV? Our drone detection systems can identify and retrieve drone information within seconds of detection.

Protect your government site from unwanted aerial visitors. Call Aerial Armor today!

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military zone drone detection

Drone detection for designated military zones

Many military zones operate under highly restricted airspace but that doesn't always keep drones and UAVs out.

With our advanced drone detection software, you’ll receive text notifications as soon as a drone enters your military zone without authorized access.

Secure your military zone and keep unwanted aerial intruders out. Contact Aerial Armor today!

Integrated drone monitoring technology to protect your community

Our proprietary software utilizes AI and the latest drone detection equipment to help you and your security team protect your facilities from unwanted drones.

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Mitigate Drone Instrusions

Drone monitoring services for airports

As more and more drones enter the public market, they pose a greater risk to aircraft and the airports they fly in and out of.

Using our drone detection systems, your airport can easily identify unauthorized drones and their operators within seconds.

Secure your airspace and ensure your airport is free from drone intrusions. Contact us today!

Protect your concert and music festival guests from drones

Keep your concert guests safe and secure from unwanted drone intrusions. Only need our drone detection services during your annual festival?

Our temporary site security solutions are just what you need.

Contact Aerial Armor today for a free site assessment and ensure your concert venue stays safe and secure.

drone detection for concert venue

Drone monitoring services for sports stadiums

Ensure your event attendees and athletes are protected from any unwanted aerial visitors. Our drone detection equipment can detect drones that are miles away and send your security team alerts before these UAVs become a threat.

Contact the experts at Aerial Armor today and setup a threat assessment to determine the risk levels of your airspace.

Drone monitoring services for law enforcement agencies

With nearly one million drones registered in the US alone, UAV’s are posing a serious security threat to law-abiding citizens around the country.

Aerial Armor works closely with law enforcement agencies to monitor drone activity and track down unauthorized drone operators.

Our mobile drone detection solutions give your law enforcement agency the ability to secure any airspace on the go.

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We Solve Modern Day Problems

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Today's society is rapidly changing. Your risk for drone related incidents are increasing each day.

We’ve seen the impact and risk that drones can ensue on public safety, espionage, contraband delivery, and many other threatening situations. This experience is what our clients depend on and what our company takes pride in.

Each client has unique needs and we offer flexible options from long term purchases to short term rentals and security assessments. Protect your assets and reduce your risk from unauthorized drones.

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The Latest From Our Drone Detection Blog

Aerial Armor on YouTube

Our drone monitoring services in action

Watch how Aerial Armor secures the skies and over 500 hot air balloons each year at The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.

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Have A Question About Our Drone Monitoring Services?

What is the general range of DJI AeroScope drone detection equipment?

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The DJI AeroScope can reliably detect drones up to 10-miles. With optimal environmental conditions, the viewing area can increase to 20-30 miles in range.

Under exceptional conditions, our technology has been able to detect drones up to 100 miles away, but that range is far from the norm. Read more here >>

Is there a way to detect drones?

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There are multiple ways to detect a drone and these include (but not limited to) RF analysis, radar, and visual tracking through thermal and daylight cameras.

But, to detect all types of drones, you need a layered solution. Aerial Armor specializes in layering multiple detection solutions to give our clients the best results based on their needs and budget.

Do you offer temporary drone detection solutions?

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Aerial Armor does offer temporary drone detection solutions for sites that don't need a permanent installation.

Contact us today to learn more! >>