Drone Detection for Law Enforcement

Effective drone tracking services for your law enforcement agency to protect your community

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Drone Tracking & Detection for Law Enforcement

Know exactly which UAVs are in your jurisdiction at all times.

As a law enforcement officer, you may be wondering how your team can effectively track drones that are violating airspace regulations and putting your community at greater risk.

The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones) has escalated in environments that require enhanced levels of safety and efficiency, such as airports, stadiums, prisons, security-sensitive industries, and various government facilities and infrastructures.

At Aerial Armor, we provide integrated drone detection systems to ensure you and your team can protect your community from unauthorized drones.

How effective are drones for law enforcement agencies?

Your agency might already be using a range of different drones to assist search, crowd control, and rescue operations. The use of drones can be extremely useful to your agency for many reasons.

  • Explore hard to reach areas with ease and speeds of more than ten times that of traditional drones.
  • Some are equipped with thermal and infrared sensors, making search and rescue operations more feasible.
  • Drones can be deployed much faster than personnel - the DJI M300 RTK can be deployed in 90 seconds!
  • Drones are an easy choice over helicopters or large scale parties in certain situations.

The recent UAV technology has, in part, relieved already-stretched law enforcement agencies, making their job to protect civilians better from the air.

But what if you need to detect and track law-violating drones?

Integrated drone detection technology for law enforcement officials

Our proprietary software utilizes AI and the latest drone detection equipment to help you and your security team protect your airspace from unwanted drones.

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The DJI AeroScope for Law Enforcement Agencies

dji mobile aeroscope unit

DJI Drone detection equipment

The DJI AeroScope can quickly identify the vast majority of drones available on the market because of its effectiveness in monitoring and analyzing RF signals to gain critical flight information.

Our detection software ensures law enforcers receive immediate notifications of any drones that are a threat within their airspace once they are detected. We provide our clients with a full suite of DJI products like the G-8, G-16, and mobile AeroScope variants.

DJI's Mobile Aeroscope

The mobile unit detects UAVs and drones flying around a 3 mile radius of it's location. It is perfect for tracking down drones and their pilots who have violated your airspace and are on the move. This unit is a favorite amongst police as it can also provide real-time GPS coordinates of the drone and it's operator's location.

The portable DJI AeroScope has a battery life of up to four hours and does not require the internet to operate, making it effective in even remote locations.

Detect Drones with The Latest Technology

drone detection software live detection map

Identify drones before they become a threat

Drones can pose a serious threat if they fall into the wrong hands. Security personnel and law enforcement officials such as yourself need a way to track drones and become aware of what is flying in their air space to combat and prevent potential attacks.

Aerial Armor’s detection solutions can effectively track drone GPS locations, takeoff location, serial number, type of drone, its speed and attitude, and even the pilot's location.

Our drone detection software also effectively stores all of this information in a database so your team can recall flight data and use it to obtain a subpoena and/or search warrant.

Integrated drone monitoring technology to protect your community

Our proprietary software utilizes AI and the latest drone detection equipment to help you and your security team protect your facilities from unwanted drones.

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Protect Your Community and Detect Drones

aerial armor staff using drone detection software

Our detection systems can report to a central location and can be used on the go, so police and law enforcement professionals can work from multiple locations to mitigate a drone threat.

At Aerial Armor, improving safety with our drone detection software is our highest priority. Contact us today to receive a free drone-intrusion threat analysis for your jurisdiction. 

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Have A Question About Drone Detection for Law Enforcement?

Do you offer temporary drone detection solutions?

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Aerial Armor does offer temporary drone detection solutions for sites that don't need a permanent installation.

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Can law enforcement use drones?

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Absolutely, and many law enforcement agencies already use drones for a variety of reasons. Drones can be used by law enforcement to assess threats before sending personnel. They are also great for searching hard-to-reach areas.

How are drone laws enforced?

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With Aerial Armor’s drone detection systems, appropriate subpoenas/warrants can be obtained by retrieving the flight data of law-violating drones. This data (including drone make and model, serial number, location, pilot location, and much more) can then be used by the authorities in court to prosecute the culprit.