Mobility RF-100 Support Kit

Mobility RF-100 Support Kit

Industrial Support Kit for RF-100

Industrial Support Kit for RF-100

Mobility Kit with RF-100

Plug and Play Mobility Kit with RF-100

The full package! Dedrone's RF-100 sensor and stand along with the Aerial Armor mobility kit. This is everything you need, preconfigured and ready for deployment. The internal server comes pre-installed and configured with Dedrones software, getting you up and running with ease. Power management is built in with an optional DC inverter which allows use from a vehicle using a standard cigarette lighter receptacle. The internal router has options for both hard-wired Internet connection and cellular connection (additional charge). Ask about our discounted rate for existing Dedrone Partners.

  • 1 year software license included
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Mobility Kit with RF-100

Dedrone RF-100 Sensor

  • RF sensor - the cornerstone of airspace security
  • Software - DroneTracker software connects sensors and performs machine-learning analysis
  • Over 1 mile detection range
  • Reporting and forensic evidence
  • 1 year software license included

The Mobility Kit has everything you need to run your RF-100 sensor(s).

  • Integrated Server (with pre-installed and configured software)
  • Power Over Ethernet (POE)
  • Internal Router
  • Power Management
  • Compact design

Case Specs:

  • Exterior: (L X W X D) - 16.44" x 13.00" x 6.82" (41.8 x 33 x 17.3 cm)
  • Body: Polypropylene
  • Latch: ABS
  • O-Ring: Polymer
  • Pins: Stainless Steel
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